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As a field institute
we are always searching for
valuable information!

Field service

We have around 600 interviewers in Germany carrying out surveys for you in the street, at home or the test person at work.

Our interviewers are hand picked depending upon your requirements. What are your need – in depth surveys or expert interviewers. Please feel free to contact us. Our interviewers will search for pattern within your customers social and market actions.

For surveys among different target groups we employ specially trained and experienced staff. You will have the choice between "Paper and Pencil" or Laptop surveys. For CAPI –projects, we offer 25 computers for your convince.

Phone studio

If you need fast information we provide 18 phone-based workstations. Before a new study we familiarize our interviewers with questionnaires taking into consideration any individualities that you may have. Questioning and answering can be handled optionally via screen or by "Paper & Pencil".


Our interviewers will act as undercover agents in selected shops and service companies. They will evaluate the atmosphere, ask for advice and enquire about the different service offered. From the results, you will be able to refine your decisions and suggestions. There are 350 test persons at you disposal.